About Us

The Caribbean Economic Development Network (hereinafter “CED-Network) is a Trust created for the benefit of “we the people” within the Caribbean community. CED-Network’s aim is to build a strong global Caribbean community through a network of relationships thereby establishing our community as a dominant financial force within this global market.

CED-Network is a proud sponsor of the GET-O-YZ Brigade show that seeks to promote economic empowerment and advancement, wealth building and preservation, development of self-knowledge and spiritual upliftment through the co-ordinated efforts of ‘we the people’ within the Caribbean community.

We recognize that our Caribbean community consists of brilliant minds, innovative living souls, diligent workers, talented individuals with a marketplace full of vibrant producers and consumers. As a people, we celebrate our Caribbean heritage, yet we take pride in the contributions we made in the establishment of products and services at home and abroad. Human Capital in the Caribbean community is unequivocally that of world class leaders. Over the years, the world has discovered our phenomenal athletes, rhythmic music, savory dishes, arts & entertainment and so on. In this Aquarian age, we vow to re-claim the high sciences known by our ancestors and to ascend to our throne of greatness. And now, we take our place as an unconquerable force through the trust of the Caribbean Economic Development Network.